Attendee Pottery Show/Sale

The Attendee Pottery Show/Sale has been a part of the NC Potters Conference for many years. Participating in the show allows attendees to share their work and encourages further dialog with the whole conference community.

Attendees who purchase Full Conference Registration are eligible to place up to 5 pieces into this show. All pieces in the show MUST be available for purchase. A percentage (30%) of each sale will go to the North Carolina Pottery Center and towards making the conference a success.

W-9 Form
Show/Sale participants MUST fill out a W-9 form (link above) in order to receive their commission check. It MUST be turned in no later than when you sign in at the Registration Check-In Table at the conference.

Online Inventory Form
Each participant in this show/sale MUST fill out the Online Inventory Form (link above) by Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020, to be able to participate. This will allow us time to create labels/price tags for each piece.

Commission checks for any pieces sold during the show/sale will be mailed by March 20, 2020.

The NC Potters Conference / North Carolina Pottery Center assumes no liability for damage to or loss of items placed into this show/sale. By submitting pieces into this show/sale, you agree to any and all instructions, rules, and stipulations.